materials in stock
Galvanized, Hot dip galvanized, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Stud Bar(B7) & Stud Nut Grade-2H (all sizes)
Fasteners Galvanized
Fasteners Hot dip galvanized
Fasteners Carbon steel
Fasteners Stud Bar(B7)
Fasteners Stud Nut Grade
All size of Stainless steel Ring Joint Gaskets, Spiral wound Gaskets and Non Asbestos Gaskets Sheets.)
Gasket Spiral wound Gaskets
Gasket Non Asbestos Gaskets Sheets
Gasket Stainless steel Ring Joint Gaskets
Sand Blasting Hose & Nozzle, Air Hose, Fittings, Water Hose & Discharge hose etc.
Sand Blasting Hose & Nozzle
Air Hose
Hose Fittings
Water Hose
Discharge hose
Cutting disc, Grinding disc, Grinding Paste, Cup Brushes, Wheel Brushes, Diamond tipped blades, Cotton rags, Cotton Waste, Knitted Gloves, Measuring Tapes, Door Locks, Drill Bits, Steel & Brass Shims, Masking Tapes etc..
Cutting disc
Grinding disc
Grinding Paste
Cup Brushes
Wheel Brushes
Diamond tipped blades
Cotton rags
Cotton Waste
Knitted Gloves
Measuring Tapes
Door Locks
Drill Bits
Steel & Brass Shims
Masking Tapes
Chain Pulley Block, Lever Hoists, D'Shackles, Carbon steel Chain, All types of Hooks, Coupling Links, Load Binders, Snatch Block, Insulated Swivels, Master Link, Nylon Sling, Nylon Ropes ,Wire rope and wire rope slings etc.
Chain Pulley Block
Lever Hoists
Carbon steel Chain
Diamond tipped blades
Load Binders
Snatch Block
Insulated Swivels
Master Link
Nylon Sling
Nylon Ropes
Wire rope
wire rope slings
Coveralls, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Safety Helmets, Safety Belts & Harness, Respirators, Dusk Mask, Hand Gloves, Rubber Boots, Rubber Gloves, Safety Lantern, Ear Protection,, Special Suits for fire & chemcals, Rain Coats, Welding Leather Gloves, Fire Blankets etc.
Safety Shoes
Safety Goggles
Safety Helmets
Safety Belts & Harness
Hand Gloves
Rubber Boots
Rubber Gloves
Safety Lantern
Ear Protection
Special Suits for fire & chemcals
Rain Coats
Welding Leather Gloves
Rain Coats
All types of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Non-Sparking tools & Carpentry tools.
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Non-Sparking tools
Carpentry tools
Welding Equipments,Welding Electrodes, Earth Clamps, Electrode Holder, Welding Jackets, Apron, Welding Mask, Gloves, Welding Cable, Welding Hose-Twin Type etc.,
Welding Equipments
Welding Electrodes
Earth Clamps
Electrode Holder
Welding Jackets
Welding Mask
Welding Cable
Welding Hose-Twin Type